Let's Build Your Creative Business!

The roadmap to sell your artworks successfully

  • Find your style

  • Productize your visuals

  • Attract your first 1000 true fans and beyond


Hi there, it's Moimaere đź‘‹

"My passion is drawing, and my profession is marketing, and why have I never tried selling my artworks online?"

This was the million-dollar question I asked myself. And, the adventure that made me sell my artworks to 15+ countries is started.

Understanding the art market dynamics was challenging because there was no roadmap showing artists what to do next.

But I've found the pattern that takes me success today after long experiments and failures!

To not new starting artists face the same situation, I created the "How to Build a Creative Business" course.

The 5 biggest
things you’ll learn
in this course.

  • How to position your style in a niche.

  • How to productize your visuals.

  • Which platform you should sell on.

  • How to create value and demand.

  • Specific marketing strategies for artists.

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Learn How to Create Value

"As the saying goes, the principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke — and creating a meaningful home that evokes our soul, our heart and our dreams is made possible with what we choose to put in it and the care we give to it. That’s exactly what this beautiful minimal artwork by Moimaere brings to this corner of our home🤍"

-Lara Osseiran

Build a unique style
and audience

I think we all started the journey by drawing the same things. But in this chapter, I'll teach you the importance of differentiating ourselves from other creators. Also, you will learn how you will dope out the quality vs. quantity game, and find your niche audience.

Find the best art
product form

It is the number one challenge when you decide to sell your visuals; where and in what medium will I sell it?
In this chapter we will discuss the pros and cons of digital and physical art products. Once you choose yours, you will learn about sales platforms (ETSY, Amazon Handmade, Personal Website) and find the best fitting for your art career.

Practice the marketing strategies

One of the most challenging aspects of running an art business is making it visible to potential customers. Many artists feel frustrated by this aspect of their career and would rather be in their studio, creating. However, marketing your business can make a huge difference in whether you are profitable or barely breaking even—or not at all.

You should take
this course if

  • You want to turn your passion into a profession

  • You want to build a roadmap

  • You don't have experience in selling art online

  • You don't know which sales platform is the best for you

You should not
take this course if

  • You’re looking for quick sales tips

  • You think you will sell an artwork the next day

  • You’re not ready to get serious your talent

  • You’d rather keep your passion as a hobby than a career step

A Course Experience Created Exclusively by Hand Drawings

The brain processes
images in
13 milliseconds

Each lecture includes a blackboard session with charts and figure drawings.

90% of information processed
by the brain is visual

You will visualize complex subjects and remember them quickly after each lecture.

Visuals with color are 80% more memorable

The important points are visualized with different colors instead of just using a white pen.

The Academy is Launching Soon !

Join the waiting list
GET 50% OFF on pre-launch.


How can I get informed?

After you signed up, you can wait for the emails, or follow my twitter for further updates.
Also, I share informational tweets for artists every day.

Is the course about drawing?

No, this is a common misconception. Moimaere Artist Academy shows you how to create your roadmap to build a successful art business. If you are a illustrator, painter, photographer or really anyone creates visuals that wants to grow your online presence and elevate your brand, then Moimaere Artist Academy is for you!

Will I get my moneys worth?

I am so confident you will LOVE the MAA. When you land your first paying client because of the Academy and level up your authenticity, this will become the best investment you’ve ever made.
The course is the same price as my first A3 drawing I sold. So why not yours too?

I already have started making a few sales. Is this academy still for me?

If you have a head start, then that is fantastic because there are lots of content can take your brand to next level, and give you an artist vision that will take your current business skills and push them to improve.
Moimaere Artist Academy is built for any skill level!

How long will you continue to update the academy for?

I love teaching, and this is my new full-time job! According to your wishes in the Discord group, the content will continue to grow for many years to come, and there is no end in sight.

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